A world of birds, right at the backyard

A world of birds, right at the backyard

Everybody claims joy is in providing. But character lover Shyam Kumar Thenkurissi suggests it lies a lot more in providing to birds and animals than to human beings.

The yard of Mr. Shyam’s property at Thenkurissi, near Koduvayur, is a haven for birds. He has transformed his yard into a hen shelter by giving drinking water and food stuff for birds and animals. His reward for the perform are the moments of pleasure he receives watching them drink, try to eat and bathe.

Dozens of birds, squirrels, mongooses, snakes, lizards, and other small animals make a feast of the bananas and other fruits Mr. Shyam provides them every single working day. He fills the two dozen earthen pots hung to the trees twice with water every single working day. He delivers bunches of about-ripe bananas and other fruits and hangs them on tree branches.

“I expend hours inside of a modest home observing them revel in the tiny pools, drink h2o from them, and try to eat the fruits hung around. It is this kind of enjoyable to check out them that upclose. I capture those moments on my cell phone. It is a joy I just cannot describe. Like us, they much too have every correct to are living and enjoy, ,” reported Mr. Shyam. explained Mr. Shyam.

Amid the winged attendees that delight in his hospitality each day are Sunbirds, Woodpeckers, Purple-vented bulbuls, Rufous treepies, White-throated ground thrushes, Prevalent babblers, Mynas, Kingfishers, Black drongos, Tailorbirds, doves, Larger cuckoos, Paradise fly catchers, Munias, crows, Leafbirds, and robins.

But they occur at distinctive times, as their behaviors and regime differs from chicken to hen. Some like pheasants and kingfishers arrive all-around 3 p.m. when individuals in the property are in a siesta.

He has applied coir ropes to cling earthen pots, as the coir would provide grip for birds and squirrels to descend and ascend. The noise the birds and animals develop a one of a kind symphony for a mother nature lover. The loudest sound a person can listen to is that of peacocks perched on leading of trees.

“When a peacock lands on the roof of my household, it invariably breaks some tiles mainly because of its bodyweight. But that doesn’t make any difference. It much too has a suitable to reside like us,” explained Mr. Shyam.

He commenced feeding birds animals nine years in the past when he initially observed a minor hen drinking a number of of drinking water from a leaf. He experimented by providing tender coconuts to robins, and then other birds began frequenting his backyard.

Butterflies and moths also come to eat the leftovers of fruits. Mr. Shyam also cares for frogs, snakes, chameleons, keep an eye on lizards, mongooses and various other very little animals. “What I detect these days is that parrots are lacking. I never know what happened to them,” he claimed.