Deadly, highly contagious rabbit virus discovered in Minnesota

Deadly, highly contagious rabbit virus discovered in Minnesota

Rabbit Hemorrhagic Illness Virus 2 was detected for the to start with time in this state and triggered 2 rabbits to abruptly die.

The Minnesota Board of Animal Health just lately declared that the fatal, extremely contagious rabbit disease—Rabbit Hemorrhagic Sickness Virus 2 (RHDV2)—was detected this thirty day period for the first time in the condition leading to 2 Ramsey County rabbits to die.1 Samples gathered from the bodies and sent to the USDA’s National Veterinary Products and services Laboratories validated they had RHDV2.

The RHDV2 virus has an effect on both equally domestic and wild rabbits and poses no risk to individuals or any other regarded species.1 In accordance to Greg Suskovic, DVM, who qualified prospects the condition Board of Animal Health’s Foreign Animal Ailment Investigation unit, the trigger of these circumstances is at the moment under investigation.

“Rabbit homeowners really should contact their veterinarian if their pet dies unexpectedly or reveals any of the indications steady with RHDV2,” Suskovic disclosed. “Veterinarians really should report suspected circumstances to the Board.”

Hallmark signs of rabbits infected with the virus incorporate lethargy or reluctance to move, and they typically die between a day and a 7 days right after contracting it.1 Adhering to their dying, the bodies may well have blood coming from the nostrils and mouth.

RHDV2 spreads by direct get hold of with contaminated rabbits or call with contaminated blood, urine, or feces. It can endure on clothes, footwear, surfaces, as very well as within cages, surviving in feed, h2o, and bedding.1

The virus is resistant to intense temperatures and can stay up to 15 months in dry ailments.1 Industry experts advise making use of a superior pH option to inactivate RHDV2 when disinfecting surfaces.

There is now no RHDV2 vaccine accredited for use in Minnesota, though there are vaccines for the ailment in Europe. Officials introduced a South Dakota firm is operating on producing a recombinant technological innovation vaccine, related to people produced by Pfizer and Moderna to reduce COVID-19.

The Board of Animal Health designs to focus on acceptance of the South Dakota vaccine at its December conference.

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