Did a Woman Breastfeed a Cat on a Plane?

Did a Woman Breastfeed a Cat on a Plane?

In November 2021, social media was ablaze with comments about a girl who was allegedly caught breastfeeding a hairless cat aboard a flight between Syracuse, New York, and Atlanta, Georgia, in early November 2021.

This rumor is centered on an impression supposedly showing a message despatched via the Plane Communications Addressing and Reporting Technique (ACARS), and a because-deleted TikTok movie supposedly posted by one of the flight attendants on the aircraft.

If true, this wouldn’t be the initial time that a lady has breastfed a cat. When we have not been capable to independently confirm this airplane incident, we can say that it is at least plausible. Here’s what we’ve been equipped to uncover out so much. 

When Did This Happen?

When this story built headlines in late November and early December, this incident reportedly took place circa Nov. 1. A flight attendant who was reportedly on the airplane posted about the incident on TikTok on Nov. 3, according to Newsweek, but it didn’t make social media waves until Nov. 23, when Ryan Spellman, the catastrophe aid government at Operation Airdrop, posted an graphic supposedly exhibiting the Aircraft Communications Addressing and Reporting Method (ACARS) message that initially noted the incident:

The concept go through:


The ACARS is a data connection process that permits planes to talk with floor stations. In the concept previously mentioned, the pilot requests a “REDCOAT” to meet the plane upon arrival, which seems to refer to Delta’s “elite airport buyer assistance experts” who are “specially qualified to deal with on-the-cease consumer concerns.”

A Deleted TikTok Video clip

In addition to this textual content message, this rumor is also supported by a TikTok video clip supposedly despatched by a flight attendant who was aboard the plane. Although the at first TikTok has been deleted, numerous other social media customers have posted the video demonstrating flight attendant Ainsley Elizabeth talking about the incident. 


I believe which is ample net for currently. hats off to you @ainsleytheaviator

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Elizabeth elaborated on the incident in another video clip, saying:

This is just so outrageous. This woman had like one particular of all those hairless cats swaddled up so it would seem like a child. And her shirt was up, and she was hoping to get her cat to latch, and she wouldn’t place the cat back in the provider and the cat was screaming for her life… you know all those minimal butter packets you get when they really don’t have olive oil… she set the butter (motioning to her nipple) yeah.

Here’s a repost of Elizabeth’s TikTok video clip:


#duet with @ainsleytheaviator Oh Ashley,you traveling higher once more, #stopthenodsquad

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Can Women Breastfeed Cats?

Whilst this may perhaps not be a popular exercise, this isn’t the 1st time that we have listened to about a female breastfeeding a cat. In point, a quick search on YouTube uncovered a number of video clips of women of all ages breastfeeding cats, goats, and even toddler kangaroos

In 1982, a paper was released in the journal “Anthropos” titled “Breast-Feeding of Animals by Women of all ages: Its Socio-Cultural Context and Geographic Event.”

In this paper, the apply of girls breast-feeding animals is seen from a geographic and historical point of view. The principal aims are to establish where the exercise has been commonplace, to identify its financial and socio-cultural context, to look at its attainable function in animal domestication, and to weigh its significance in human ecology. — In quite a few cases, the apply is an expression of affection for pets (among the Polynesians, among the forest peoples of tropical South The united states, and particularly amid aboriginal hunters and gatherers in Southeast Asia, Australia, and Tasmania). In other instances, passion is supplemented or supplanted by economic worries, as amid several Melanesian “pig complex” peoples. In some scenarios, breast-feeding of animals is linked to cult and ritual, an outstanding instance staying the nursing of cubs in connection with the Ainu bear cult. In a several scenarios, animals are breast-fed with the welfare of the human mother or boy or girl currently being of finest concern. The summary is drawn that animal nursing could certainly have contributed to the domestication of this kind of animals as the pig and pet dog, and that in some sites, specifically lowland New Guinea, the practice can enjoy an important job in human ecology.

When we cannot verify for particular that a girl genuinely breastfed her hairless cat on a airplane, we can say that this udderly ridiculous-sounding tale is plausible.


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