Jesica Avellone, Bo Mellinger,
and Justine Davis Denson
in Nordo’s Down The Rabbit Gap.
Photo credit history: Bruce Clayton Tom

In the earlier, Pricey Audience, when I’ve attended shows at Nordo there is been a definite tale to accompany the fine supper within just the topic of the present. But previous night’s sojourn to their newest show, “Down the Rabbit Hole” brought a couple of variations I wasn’t anticipating. Very first and foremost, they were not in the typical Café Nordo place but in their downstairs site, The Knife Place which lent by itself to some expanded sites to enjoy. And second, the tale was far more of a snippet of a common piece and a rationale for the characters than a whole tale. I’m not expressing these changes had been terrible, but some components felt a small much less thought out than normal.

The resource product is basic, the “Alice in Wonderland” will work of Lewis Carroll with an adaptation from Terry Podgorski and Stephen Robinson. But, as I famous, it can be just a modest piece as we are primarily worried with The Queen of Hearts (Kate Kraay), having her minions, The White Rabbit, The Mad Hatter and The March Hare (Bo Mellinger, Justine Davis Denson, and Jesica Avellone) to seize and place on demo Alice (Megan Huynh) for stealing her tarts.

With only this little bit of the bigger Wonderland story we are still left with significantly less of a narrative bit of theater and far more of an encounter as they flesh out the night with a few of other morsels. There’s nevertheless the musical parts of the night with the forged singing addresses of present tunes as effectively as new works from Annastasia Workman with features from the Carroll publications as the lyrics. But further than that they’ve instituted an factor of karaoke into their tale as well as presenting the viewers a prospect to get up and belt just one out just after the exhibit. Additionally, alternatively than the standard fare of acquiring the servers convey your food items out to you, on two of the classes we bought up to discover hidden places of Wonderland wherever we observed fantastical edible aspects that we took back to our tables. And talking of the food stuff, as generally, the dishes are not only created in the theme of the night but also are tremendous scrumptious concoctions from chef Erin Brindley. Individuals Pepper Tarts have been divine!

This lack of a tale structure is effective on some stages. It lends itself nicely to the karaoke vibe and the madness of Wonderland. Nonetheless, at moments they felt a minimal also unstructured and traveling by the seat of their pants, which created the night a contact chaotic. And even though chaos is fine in Wonderland, it can get tiring.

The forged, having said that, is best notch and able to roll with all the chaos well. Particularly when they’re belting out their have “karaoke” times. Mellinger rocked us all suitable out of the gate with his sparkly jacket and unfastened hips. But each individual of them usually takes their moments to shine and they do glow. Nonetheless, I would have to say I savored Mellinger and Denson the most, specifically Denson with some energy notes that can melt your soul and her certainly mad Hatter.

All in all, it is not the Nordo I’m made use of to but certainly a entertaining night specifically if you might be ready to get into the spirit with dressing up in Wonderland apparel, which they endorse. And so, with my 3-letter rating system, I give Nordo’s creation of “Down the Rabbit Hole” a “making an attempt to embrace the chaos” YAY-. Just check out out for the Queen. She’s definitely out for blood.

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