Feathered Friends: Your bird questions answered | Lifestyles

Feathered Friends: Your bird questions answered | Lifestyles

Your bird questions answered

Fall is moving together swiftly with November all-around the corner. As we all know, November sometimes turns into winter season and often doesn’t. I’m hoping for not!

And I’m really absolutely sure the overpowering vast majority of us individuals – and the wildlife – are of the similar feeling. Sure, we need to have winter season, but ideally when it officially commences in afterwards December. We have a good deal of matters still to do outside the house in preparing for wintertime which include placing things absent, raking leaves, backyard prep, and we cannot fail to remember about obtaining our feeding stations completely ready!

I have fielded a number of questions about different bird topics recently and I thought I’d share some remarks relating to some of the far more frequent queries. Any time I can help I’m glad to remedy texts, e-mail, letters, and cellphone calls – particularly if it gains mother nature and the birds!

One concern asks about the status of the mysterious chicken condition that was documented in numerous states this earlier summer time. My respond to is that it doesn’t surface to be a problem all-around in this article and it appears that Cornell University’s Lab of Ornithology has not encountered this sickness in New York Point out and is not engaged in this situation ideal now. I had created an write-up about it back in summer season, indicating to be cautious, but not heading as much as to stop feeding the birds. I had a connect with from someone in North Carolina who Googled the hen disease and someway arrived up with my post. I say make positive your feeders are ready for wintertime and target on holding your feed dry through inclement weather. From there you can operate on creating your feeders squirrel proof and easy to fill on a dependable basis.

Future… What is the definition of squirrel evidence? The solution can be numerous issues this kind of as keeping the squirrels completely off from the feeder or not permitting the squirrel to get the feed out of the feeder or even retaining the squirrel from ruining the feeder. Preserving them off the feeder indicates mounting the feeder on a pole or put up and putting a baffle on the put up so they just can’t climb up. This baffle could be something like an 8-inch diameter heating duct covering the article from the floor to the foundation of the birdfeeder or one particular can mount a metal cone baffle on the put up. But really do not trouble with all of this baffle operate if the squirrel can nonetheless soar on to the feeder from the home, deck, or a nearby tree. If you have issues on this — give me a call. Much too considerably squirrel action can spoil the fun of chook feeding. Trying to keep them off can make a big difference in your chook feeding accomplishment and can help you save you a bunch of bird feed.

What do I do with my bluebird nest bins in excess of the winter season? The answer is clean up them out. Your nest containers could have been utilized by wrens which things the boxes with twigs. I like to then set in some wonderful dry grass clippings, pine needles, or smooth dry leaves as a little “mattress.” As you know, bluebirds typically shell out the wintertime and they like to roost together in 1 box to preserve every other warm. In March, check out all packing containers and clean up them out totally as it is very likely that the white-footed deer mice could have applied the box more than the wintertime. They can be really pungent and messy so you might have to depart the box open up for a whilst to dry and air out.

How do you feed the ground-feeding birds? I put a piece of exterior plywood on the floor – at times with a molding about the edge to maintain the feed on it. Feed a blend with white millet and sunflower, not milo and wheat. Only place feed out in the morning as rabbits and deer will try to eat almost everything up right away. If temperature seems wet or snowy, don’t place feed out until eventually it is in excess of. Superior however, get yet another a bit even larger piece of plywood to protect up the ground feeding tray during damp temperature gatherings and overnight. It’s all typical sense but does need a little preparing. I feed a good deal of birds on my ground feeding tray.

Final query… What do I feed the birds this wintertime? Respond to is sunflower, uncooked shelled blanched peanuts, suet, cracked corn, safflower, and white millet. White millet is the pretty little white seed which is great. Prevent milo and wheat which are fillers. Milo is the bigger BB-sized cream or purple colored seeds and most birds do not like it. These seeds seem good but are junk. Also, don’t tumble for obtaining a blend with fruit. It is a advertising ploy to get you to pay massive bucks for a few pounds of feed.

Yet again, truly feel no cost to speak to me with your issues – typically most effective by text or get in touch with (585) 813-2676. I’m seeking ahead to finding busy in my store having some feeders completely ready for wintertime. Take pleasure in the birds all around us every working day as we get nearer to some cooler weather.

Hans Kunze is an avid birder and mother nature fanatic who has been writing about birds and character for much more than 30 a long time. He writes for The Daily News twice each month. Produce him at 6340 LaGrange Rd Wyoming, NY 14591 or contact (585) 813-2676.

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