Give the birds a helping hand

Give the birds a helping hand

My desk faces the yard and has a see of the garden pond which has a significant tree around it. Seeing the birds occur in for a drink and flitting all-around during dreary times can lift my spirits. West Texas is house to quite a few types of birds. I stay in the county and the very last a number of a long time a Blue Jay has visited my backyard space. A woodpecker will come and goes, along with a significant team of quail.  

Winter season Storm Uri and the serious drought we are in has influenced both resident and migrant birds in our urban and rural spots. On the other hand, there is significantly that a house owner in the county or in the town can do to assist our indigenous birds. You can provide food stuff, drinking water, and shelter the needs for all everyday living. 

It is important to expand crops that have seed heads as a result of the wintertime months. Do not cut back the perennials until eventually early February to give the birds a location to shelter and consume seeds still left on the seed heads.  Pick out native crops if you can. Black-eyed Susans (Rudbeckia hirta), sunflowers, asters, native grasses and coneflowers will all present seeds. Plant them and the birds will come. Lantanas, sumacs, beautyberries and coralberries will present berries.

Dietary supplement the natural food items supply by offering seed in hen feeders. The larger variety of feeders you have the additional range of birds you will have. But recall that feeders must be cleaned weekly and the areas beneath the feeders should be raked to avoid the unfold of disorder. 

Water is specially important in wintertime. There are a lot of means to give a drinking water supply. In addition to compact fishponds, backyard ponds or fountains, you can set out a clean dish of shallow water just about every early morning.

Shelter supplies both of those heat and protection in winter season. Planting shrubs, primarily indigenous shrubs supply both. Our tall native grasses and vines are also fantastic places for birds to disguise. 

Many textbooks and sites are obtainable to make your wintertime birdwatching exciting and instructional.  Web sites to test out are and, sponsored by the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, Challenge Feeder Look at data, collected by citizens across the United States has been analyzed by researchers given that 2005 and it is accessible on-line and can be accessed by area or point out. 

If you have thoughts, remember to contact the AgriLife office in Odessa at 498-4071 or in Midland at 686-4700 for far more gardening facts. Extra info is obtainable at and