How to Catch and Use Fish

How to Catch and Use Fish

Looking for a guide to effectively fishing in Sea of Stars? We’ve got you covered with our helpful guide to catching fish in this new RPG! We’ll teach you the ins and outs of fishing to get new materials.

It’s very likely that your first time catching a fish for yourself will come after you defeat the first boss, the Bosslug. After you leave the area of this fight, you’ll come to a fork in the road. If you decide to go left toward Sunglow Lake, you’ll be greeted with a merchant and fishing pond to interact with. After you visit the merchant to get some improved weapons and new ingredients, it’s time to head over to the fishing pond and test your skills!

How to Fish in Sea of Stars

How to Catch and Use Fish

When you go fishing in Sea of Stars, the process is quite simple. Approach the dock and press A (or your controller’s equivalent confirmation button) when an arrow appears to begin the process. Press A again once you’re ready to cast your line. While casting, you can steer the casted line with the D-Pad or left stick, and press A again to stop the cast early.

Fish in Sea of Stars are pretty prone to bite the lure quickly, but if they don’t, try just reeling in a bit to jiggle the lure. Once you’ve got a bite, the reel-in process is fairly simple. Steer your line to keep the fish in the visible current towards you, and you’ll be able to reel in your catch no problem.

Should You Release or Filet Fish?

After you catch a fish in Sea of Stars, you’ll be given an option to filet or release it. There’s no benefit to releasing the fish other than being able to catch it again. So, unless you just really love fishing, you’re better off just fileting your catches.

That’s all you need to know about fishing in Sea of Stars! While you’re here, though, check out our advice on some of the best starter equipment in Sea of Stars.

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