Lonely Senior Cat Gets New Sibling, Her Reaction Melts Hearts

Lonely Senior Cat Gets New Sibling, Her Reaction Melts Hearts

A cat owner explained how they realized their cat needed company in a clip that has melted hearts on social media.

In the viral video shared on TikTok on Sunday, under the username almondandcashie the poster explains “The story of getting [their] lonely elderly cat a baby kitty brother.”

“This is Almond,” overlayed text says, as the cat is pictured sitting on a scratchpost, looking at the trees in the garden. “She was spending most of their time looking outside which is normal but we could tell she was lacking stimulation (she is 11).”

Lonely Senior Cat Gets New Sibling, Her Reaction Melts Hearts
Stock image of a pair of ginger cats. A cat’s reaction to getting a new sibling has gone viral on social media/

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The post explained that even though Almond had lots of toys and even some new interactive ones, that didn’t help much, and at some point she was so bored that she started sleeping more than usual.

“This is the day we knew we needed to get another cat, no matter how difficult it was going to be,” the text continued, as Almond is pictured grooming one of her favorite toys. “She was looking for a different kind of connection.”

That’s when the poster went to a shelter and fell in love with a year-old male cat that they brought home that same day, and while Almond didn’t initially seem too thrilled about her new brother, she soon learned how to love him.

“We decided to name him Cashew. So then we would have Almond and Cashew.

“They began spending most of their time together. Always going to the same room. we started catching them cuddling finally. We were so happy to see them so close. Almond would groom him the way she groomed her toys. Her baby. The best decision we could have ever made.”

While they like to have time for themselves, cats are not exactly solitary creatures and they can also get lonely. But how can you tell if your cat needs company?

The most common signs that your cat may need a feline friend, according to PetMD, include excessive clinginess, a change in their grooming, eating or sleeping habits, destructive behavior, unusual litterbox trouble, and a change in their energy levels.

The video quickly went viral on social media, getting viewers from across TikTok. It has so far received over 2.4 million views and 313,200 likes on the platform.

One user, Mzboombartender, commented: “Chunky Ginger cats make me giggle. I always wanna name them Garfield.” And xxbeexx said: “Got my older cat a kitten. It’s been two years and they hate each other and my house is havoc.”

Newsweek reached out to almondandcashie for comment via email. We could not verify the details of the story.

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