New Hampshire Man Catches Record-Breaking 12lb Fish, Almost 3ft Long

New Hampshire Man Catches Record-Breaking 12lb Fish, Almost 3ft Long

A guy caught a history-breaking fish in New Hampshire previous 7 days that measured pretty much 3 ft in size, according to state wildlife officials.

Ryan Scott Ashley from Gilmanton, NH, caught the freshwater cusk on January 13, 2022, in Lake Winnipesaukee—the greatest lake in the condition.

The fish measured 35 inches in length and weighed 12 pounds, 8.48 ounces, producing it a new point out history freshwater cusk capture, New Hampshire Fish and Video game (NHFG) mentioned in a social media post.

Freshwater cusk, if not recognized as burbot or by their scientific title Lota lota, are found all over the planet in northern latitudes.

In North The usa, their vary extends from Canada to Connecticut on the east coast and Oregon on the west coast. The fish are primarily uncovered in huge, deep lakes, which keep their cold temperature all through the hotter months, as very well as cold drinking water rivers and streams.

The fish are typically only uncovered in water with temperatures measuring down below 70 degrees Fahrenheit.

Burbot that dwell in lakes tend to grow to much bigger sizes that individuals uncovered in flowing water methods, which hardly ever get to lengths bigger than 12 inches. The prior point out history burbot was also caught in Lake Winnipesaukee, measuring 34.5 inches in size and weighing 12.22 kilos.

The burbot is the only freshwater member of the cod spouse and children. It is characterised by its eel-formed system, significant mouth, and smooth skin—which is cream-colored on the fish’s underbody and attributes olive brown to black mottled markings higher than.

For extended intervals of the yr, burbot dwell under the ice and they call for chilly temperatures to breed. In simple fact, burbot spawn less than the ice in mid-to-late winter—the only fish in New Hampshire identified to do so.

The females of this species are particularly successful, with greater people today able of laying extra than one million eggs, in accordance to NHFG. The eggs hatch in early spring.

Burbot populations are tough to examine because the fish generally live in deepwater habitats and reproduce less than the ice.

The fish is distributed greatly across the globe and is plentiful, even though populations have been threatened or wiped out in certain locations.

Staying a cold h2o species, burbot is perhaps susceptible to local climate alter. As the local weather warms, water temperatures in pieces of the fish’s range could be impacted to the extent that they are unsuitable for supporting burbot populations, for case in point.

The globe-file burbot catch, according to the Global Sport Fish Affiliation, weighed 25 kilos, 2 ounces. The fish was caught by Sean Konrad on March 27, 2010 on Lake Diefenbaker, saskatchewan, Canada.

The New Hampshire point out history turbot, caught by Ryan Scott Ashley from Gilmanton.
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