Owner Rushes Dog Not Eating or Walking To Vet, Can’t Believe 0 Diagnosis

Owner Rushes Dog Not Eating or Walking To Vet, Can’t Believe $400 Diagnosis

Rightfully concerned about her dog’s health, an owner rushed to the vet for an answer as to why her pup wasn’t eating or walking, but $400 later it was an answer she never expected.

Sam McGuire woke up one morning to her 1-year-old pit bull Mabel unable to walk. Panic started to settle in before taking over her entire body when she saw Mabel wouldn’t eat either. She immediately called the vet sobbing.

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The vet took X-rays and ran tests to determine what was happening with Mable. McGuire’s tears ran down her face again when she got that fateful call, preparing herself for the worst, which never came. Instead, she learned Mable had a “strong emotional reaction to a tummy ache.”

Owner Rushes Dog Not Eating or Walking To Vet, Can’t Believe 0 Diagnosis
Screenshots from a May 22 TikTok video of a pit bull named Mable. The owner rushed Mable to the vet concerned she wasn’t walking or eating only to learn $400 later it was a tummy…


McGuire got hit with the $400 vet bill, sharing her experience in a May 22 TikTok video posted to her account @sfmcguire. The caption reads: “I mean same but goddamn.”

“I almost didn’t believe it because she couldn’t walk,” McGuire told Newsweek via TikTok. “I’d never seen her like that.”

Like any pet parent, she needed answers and was willing to pay any amount to do what was best for her dog.

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“But then when I went to pay I realized it was $400 and she was walking and playing perfectly fine so very annoyed at her drama,” she said “Definitely not annoyed by the vet though, it’s not a bad price for all they did.”

Viewer Reactions

The TikTok clip quickly reached over 1.4 million views, 227,700 likes, and 1,781 comments. If knowing her dog was fine wasn’t enough to put her at ease, then comments from viewers with similar stories should have done the trick.

“I have also fallen victim to the belly ache/upset tummy $500 vet bill. My vet said, ‘I fear he is dramatic and he just has an upset tummy,'” commented one user.

Another added: “We spend hundreds to find out that my dog coughs for attention.”

Cats are no different as one person explained: “My old cat used to mope around and not eat. Went to vet and spent $400 to learn he didn’t like that it was snowing outside. (He doesn’t go outside).”

Someone else suggested: “You need to get her a shirt that says ‘Brave Tummy Ache Survivor.'”

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