Palo Alto man willing to take extreme action against cats

Palo Alto man willing to take extreme action against cats

Pricey JOAN: I am not a cat or puppy lover. I have a yard with a great deal of birds and the unavoidable squirrels.

My neighbors, a decent pair, have just gotten two cats. A person cat has already dug underneath our fence and is sauntering close to in my garden. I totally never want it there. Is there anything at all both my neighbors or I can do to hold this cat on its individual side of the fence? I don’t want it to determine that my lawn is element of its territory.

I’ll discuss to my neighbor, of study course, but I believe his perspective — like most cat entrepreneurs — will be, “Well, cats wander close to, what can you do?”

I’m prepared to scatter frightening or unpleasant things along the ground by the fence, but I really don’t know what items are available.

Marty Klein, Palo Alto

Dear MARTY: We’ll forgive you for not getting a pet and cat lover, but it’s possible not for the remark about uncaring cat proprietors. When there are some people today who allow for their cats to wander, placing both of those wildlife and the cats at chance, there are far additional cat house owners who enjoy and safeguard their cats.

You explain your neighbors as “decent,” so there is no cause to expect that they will not do the suitable detail and start holding their cats indoors or erect a “catio” — a large enclosure that permits cats to properly be outside the house in the confines of their personal garden, particularly if you reveal your issues and the lengths you are keen to acquire to retain the cats out.