PurrSong’s cat health tech adorably invades CES 2022

PurrSong’s cat health tech adorably invades CES 2022

A slew of new solutions for your cat aims to make it easier for you to know when your furry good friend receives sick.


This tale is element of CES, in which CNET addresses the most current information on the most incredible tech coming quickly.

At CES 2022, the pet-tech organization PurrSong declared a trio of new merchandise aimed at retaining observe of your cat’s nicely getting. If you have a cat, you already know that they can be specialists at hiding their conditions. It really is not constantly clear early on that your furry friend is unwell. But the faster you know they’re under the temperature, the more rapidly you can get them assistance.

To help in monitoring your cat’s well being, PurrSong is releasing a h2o dispenser that tracks water use, a litter box that tracks your cat’s weight and toilet patterns and an exercise tracker that can collect facts on your cat’s movement and snooze styles. The plan is that any and all of this details can help you see your cat’s everyday plan and, additional importantly, observe early more than enough when they crack that regime.

PurrSong LavvieWater LavvieTag CES 2022

LavvieTag is a little action tracker that fits on a collar. And LavvieWater is a h2o dispenser that can monitor how a lot h2o your cat drinks.


If PurrSong sounds familiar, it truly is because at CES 2019 the enterprise launched the $900 LavvieBot S, a self-cleansing litter box that refills litter quickly. Signing up for the LavvieBot S in PurrSong’s 2022 lineup is LavvieWater, a filtered h2o dispenser that tracks your cat’s water ingestion. Drinking water is circulated devoid of a motor and filtered to decrease water scale build-up.

PurrSong is also launching a new litter box called the LavvieBox. It is really an open up air box that can be modified into 3 distinct physical setups depending on your cat’s choice. The LavvieBox can monitor your cat’s urinary and bowel movement info and excess weight patterns. It really is geared up with an air purifier to minimize odor and dust but, contrary to the LavvieBot S, it is not a self-cleansing box.

Rounding out the new trio is the LavvieTag, an exercise tracker on a collar that gathers knowledge on your cat’s exercise. That data is analyzed to decide four main designs: resting, grooming, going for walks and managing. The LavvieTag is light-weight and lasts 4 months on a one cost.

Even the most significant cat lover may well surprise what to do with all of this facts. To make it extra easy to understand and useful, PurrSong is launching the AI. Doolittle application, which analyzes all of the details collected and works by using device studying to detect any probable health and fitness challenges.

Dependent on the prognosis results from veterinarians, PurrSong states that AI. Doolittle is 90{aa306df364483ed8c06b6842f2b7c3ab56b70d0f5156cbd2df60de6b4288a84f} exact. The business hopes to increase the precision to about 95{aa306df364483ed8c06b6842f2b7c3ab56b70d0f5156cbd2df60de6b4288a84f} by the conclusion of the yr.

PurrSong isn’t really the only enterprise bundling pet overall health tech with drinking water bowls and cat litter containers. The gadgets may possibly be interesting but the most important factor of any large-tech pet paraphernalia is the accuracy of the data that is collected. We will have to wait around and take a look at these new items by PurrSong to see if they are living up to the buzz. 

Luckily for us that wait will not likely be very long. The LavvieTag will be released involving now and March and ought to price tag all around $99. LavvieBox and LavvieWater will be out this Spring and cost around $199 for the drinking water dispenser and $249 for the litter box.

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