State officials fail to respond to complaints of dog abuse

State officials fail to respond to complaints of dog abuse

Ah, 22 degrees under zero — a balmy 50 degrees below freezing! There is no improved climate for a beagle to be kept exterior, with very little but an open up plywood box for shelter.

At least in accordance to Maine’s Animal Welfare Plan.

We have a difficulty in Norridgewock: a breeding kennel that keeps dozens of shorthaired canines out in all weather. Even with recurring troubles with illegally short tethers, inadequate shelters and water deprivation, the animal management officer refuses to get concerned with this assets. Soon after futile phone calls to the ACO on an -18-diploma working day, I phoned Animal Welfare when temps hit -22 levels on Jan. 27. They are a state company billed exclusively with enforcing animal welfare rules, and they pay out $850,000 in annual salaries. But when I identified as, they hung up. A few situations.

It wasn’t for the reason that of a undesirable link: when knowledgeable the canines ended up out in -22 degree temperatures, the man or woman on the line shot back an aggravated “I’m mindful of the weather.” Then slammed down the cellphone. He hung up mainly because he did not want to be bothered using a report.

If you have tried out to report an animal welfare difficulty in your neighborhood, this has probably took place to you. Hanging up is Animal Welfare’s common reaction to stories of animal abuse. Individuals in Norridgewock discouraged with continual hold-ups for our situation contacted the legal professional general’s business office, which referred us to Animal Welfare’s director. He promised to answer concerning this employee’s habits but by no means did. Months later on, Animal Welfare is however hanging up on callers.

Animal Welfare acquired $76,000 from license plates in 2020. Here’s my notion: Use that $76,000 to use anyone off the avenue, and hearth absolutely everyone else. Maine would have a purposeful Animal Welfare division, and the general public would help save a million in salaries for do-absolutely nothing staff members too inconvenienced to solution a phone even though dogs less than their alleged security freeze to loss of life.


Rebecca Ballien


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