Think of each bird as a ‘small, feathered, flying dinosaur’

Think of each bird as a ‘small, feathered, flying dinosaur’

That critter that flew in and landed on your bird feeder or a nearby tree department is a dinosaur.

Yes, truly.

“Every fowl is a dinosaur,” claimed Colin Sumrall, affiliate professor of paleobiology in the Earth and Planetary Sciences Section at the College of Tennessee, in a the latest virtual speak to the Friday Lecture course of the Oak Ridge Institute for Continued Finding out. In his converse titled, “What Anyone Should Know about Birds and Dinosaur Extinction,” he additional, “Dinosaurs are nevertheless alive right now as present day birds and are one particular of the most typical vertebrates on the planet.”

An artist’s concept of a bird-like dinosaur with feathers.

For years, it has been generally taught and considered that all dinosaurs had been wiped out 66 million yrs ago at the end of the Cretaceous Period of time. 1 concept is that the extinction was caused when a large meteor crashed into Mexico’s Yucatán Peninsula. The impact induced forest fires and then a “nuclear winter” in which climbing thick ash and dust blocked out the sun’s rays, substantially decreasing the earth’s temperature and blocking plants from creating food items necessary by the big plant-taking in dinosaurs.