UW Veterinary Care offers rabbit vaccine against fatal disease

UW Veterinary Care offers rabbit vaccine against fatal disease

MADISON, Wis. (WMTV) – Scientists say a deadly rabbit hemorrhagic disorder, RHDV2, is spreading across the U.S.

In response to the outbreak, the UW Veterinary Treatment Unique Species Overall health Provider at the University of Wisconsin Faculty of Veterinary Drugs is featuring an emergency-approved vaccine from the sickness for rabbits.

The clinic is a single of about a dozen animal hospitals in the condition to supply the vaccine and aspect of a escalating work nationally to persuade rabbit entrepreneurs to seek out vaccination.

UW Veterinary Treatment delivers the RHDV2 vaccine on Fridays every single three months by way of the Special Species Wellness Support.

Any rabbit people in Wisconsin, and house owners do not will need to be previously established purchasers with UW Veterinary Treatment to get an appointment.

Kurt Sladky, a veterinarian and clinical professor of zoological medicine and specific species overall health at the UW University of Veterinary Medication, believes the virus is very likely in Wisconsin regardless of the lack of detected conditions.

“Some wild rabbits, if observed lifeless and suspected of ailment, are submitted to laboratories equipped to make the prognosis, this sort of as the Nationwide Wildlife Health Center right here in Madison,” Sladky mentioned. “But there is no uncomplicated way to obtain and keep track of how many have died in the wild.”

Skadly stated the disease is devastating. When rabbits have the virus, they generally bleed to loss of life, with the predicted mortality fee staying 70 to 100 p.c of infected rabbits.

The virus spreads easily as a result of get in touch with with body secretions these kinds of as saliva, urine and blood. It can reside up to a thirty day period on surfaces.

“Your rabbit could come to be contaminated as a result of urine, feces, blood … even a fly could land on a carcass with the virus and transmit it to another rabbit if the fly’s feet make direct make contact with with the nose of another rabbit,” Sladky stated. “It’s so quickly transmissible rabbit to rabbit.”

Pet rabbits are also becoming susceptible, according to Sladky. The disease’s global spread is believed to have stemmed from rabbit displays and meat generation chains.

In 2021, UW Veterinary Care observed virtually 800 rabbit individual visits.

In addition to the vaccine, Sladky endorses other measures to safeguard rabbits. Although the temperature is finding warm, rabbits must refrain from training outside the house until they have the RHDV2 vaccine.

In addition, rabbit proprietors really should order food items from reputable sources. Get in touch with among rabbits, especially wild rabbits, continues to be important.

“We’re seeking to educate consumers that an crucial infectious condition of rabbits is spreading from state to point out,” Sladky claimed. “You really should assume about the strategies your pet rabbit could turn into exposed and the potential penalties.”

Despite the fact that the ailment is really transmissible among rabbits, it is not spreadable to other species or humans.

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