Video of Woman Cooking Husband’s Pet Fish to Teach Him a Lesson Viewed 7M Times

Video of Woman Cooking Husband’s Pet Fish to Teach Him a Lesson Viewed 7M Times

An alarming online video, reportedly showing a female deep-frying her husband’s rarefied pet fish, is circulating on TikTok. Observed listed here, the clip has been viewed 7.1 million situations given that it was posted about a 7 days back. It has also racked up 194,000 likes and hundreds of comments.

TikToker @miakurniawan01 posted the online video of her controversial culinary endeavor, together with the easy caption, translated from Indonesian: “fried arowana.”

This individual species of fish, an Asian arowana, is known to be the most expensive aquarium fish on the world. Journalist Emily Voigt wrote a 2016 reserve on the elusive species, outlining to Nationwide Geographic at the time that the fish is associated with “great luck and prosperity.”

Originating from Southeast Asia, the creatures are so worthwhile that the “farms…wherever they are developed are like significant-stability prisons with concrete walls safeguarded by guard dogs, watchtowers, and barbed wire,” reported Voigt.

According to the New York Occasions, arowanas are even in some cases subjected to beauty medical procedures treatments, like eye lifts or chin careers. These strategies can price close to $60 to $90, although the fish them selves price anywhere from hundreds to tens of hundreds of dollars. Just one fish is even reported to have been offered to a Chinese Communist Social gathering official for a staggering $300,000.

A girl fried her husband’s scarce Asian arowana fish to punish him for not cleansing the aquarium in a viral TikTok online video. Arowana fish in Bangkok, 2012.

In @miakurniawan01’s TikTok, she described that she resolved to cook her husband’s fish to educate him a lesson soon after he failed to thoroughly clear the aquarium. Per Coconuts Jakarta’s translation of the video’s onscreen captions, she claimed: “This is due to the fact my spouse saved promising to clear the aquarium right after I advised him to, thus I did it myself. Nevertheless, the fish received ill in the finish. I thought it would be delicious if I fried it.”

Footage showed the TikToker making ready the previous pet for cooking by scaling and seasoning it. She then places the arowana into a wok of sizzling oil, wherever it straight away commences to bubble. The final shot demonstrates the golden-brown, cooked fish on a plate.

“Already cooked and ready to take in,” read through the onscreen text, for every AsiaOne.

In a stick to-up video clip, the female stated that her partner had forgiven her for the incident, additional the news outlet. Quite a few viewers, even so, weren’t as being familiar with. Just one commenter identified as the woman’s steps “messed up,” for illustration, even though another stated she was staying “petty.”

According to the couple’s update, the husband is hunting to buy a new pet arowana in the close to future—and ideally, this time, he’ll bear in mind to clean up the aquarium.