What Do Rabbits Eat? Stock Up on These Essentials

Printed by Rebecca Libauskas.

Rabbits are herbivores who munch and crunch all day long. These nibblers have a specialized digestive procedure that enables them to process food stuff successfully, but they just cannot try to eat all the things. If a rabbit overeats a new food stuff or consumes a little something they should not, they can become really ill and possibly die. For this rationale, guardians should really be cautious about what rabbits eat.

So what do rabbits eat?

Grass and Hay

Grass and hay—such as timothy or oat hay—should be easily obtainable at all moments for rabbits, as it is (preferably) in mother nature. This is critical for their digestive system’s functionality and helps their teeth stay the appropriate duration and condition. Rabbits really should have refreshing hay, no cost from mildew or dust.

If your rabbit companion isn’t utilised to consuming hay, they could not take in that a lot at 1st. Never be concerned! Just increase refreshing hay a couple of instances a working day and lower the amount of pellets.


Many vegetables are significant to a rabbit’s eating plan. Some vegetables that make superb nutritious treats involve the subsequent:

  • Broccoli
  • Carrots and carrot tops
  • Collard greens
  • Dandelion greens
  • Mustard greens
  • Parsley

Bunnies can get started consuming vegetables in small quantities at 12 months of age, but watch for diarrhea! Discontinue any vegetable that upsets a rabbit’s stomach.


Veterinarians advise feeding rabbits refreshing vegetables as nicely as grass and hay as primary resources of nourishment. Pellets are high in calories, so rabbits fed as well lots of could establish health and fitness concerns. Even now, pellets are loaded and well balanced in vitamins, so they can perform a tiny job in a rabbit’s diet regime.

Choose a higher-high-quality, refreshing vegan pellet for your rabbit companion. The number of pellets essential is dependent on the rabbit’s dimension and body weight, so examine with your veterinarian for good amounts.


Rabbits ought to have an enough source of clean up, fresh drinking water. A large drinking water bowl is chosen so that it does not suggestion in excess of. Thoroughly clean it each and every few days with soap and h2o. If the rabbit prefers a sipper bottle, be confident to fill it day-to-day and preserve it cleanse.


You never will need to obtain cecotropes from a store—rabbits make them themselves! They’re a unique kind of poop that rabbits excrete, comprehensive of vitamins and protein, and it is usual for rabbits to consume them. You may not even detect this happening, because rabbits try to eat them proper from the … uh … resource. If you do see uneaten cecotropes about or moist feces, you should call your veterinarian.


Rabbits are remarkable individuals who want unique attention and treatment. If you are all set for a lifetime dedication, be confident to undertake a person from a trustworthy shelter. Never purchase a rabbit from a pet retail outlet, a breeder, or a neighbor or via a site. And if any of your good friends ever inquire, “What do rabbits eat?” you should share this article. You can uncover far more information and facts about caring for rabbits listed here:

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