Which dog tracker should I get? The Fi Series 2 vs. the Apple AirTag

Which dog tracker should I get? The Fi Series 2 vs. the Apple AirTag

Not everybody has a skilled bloodhound out there to locate their pet when their favorite furball decides to go on their possess adventure. Luckily for us, some tech-savvy, dog-loving persons have arrive up with a solution: The pet tracker, aka, a tiny device that attaches to your doggy and gives you their place at any supplied time.

We are wanting at two possibilities for monitoring your pup: the much more classical model, made exclusively for tracking puppies, the Fi Series 2, and the Apple AirTag, which can be a little repurposed from its first intention of currently being a crucial or product tracker.

Alright, but why do you require a tracker for your pet?

Some pet dogs have a large prey drive and are apt to chase after a squirrel at the slightest provocation. Other people are escape artists. Possibly it is not the canine itself, but you have a child or even an grownup family members member who just are unable to try to remember to shut the gate. Maybe you’re apprehensive about what transpires if a leash breaks while you’re out. It happens.

Owning backup is a good strategy.

Let us have a appear at each individual tracker and see what they provide for you and your wayward woof.

The Crunchy Bit…

The figures can be definitely vital, and at times they can lend perception you may well not or else have, so in this article it is.

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How do these issues perform?

The Fi Collection 2 depends on AT&T’s sign, which is contained in the once-a-year subscription cost of the machine ($99 annually per machine).

Your WiFi, the charging bases the machine will come with (for at dwelling), and connecting by way of your phone’s Bluetooth (whilst you’re out) all function as support for the Fi module’s spot tracking. This does imply that when you’re out and about, your phone’s battery will be using a strike. The module’s slow refresh rate will help preserve the tracker’s battery.

Comparatively, AirTags “crowd source” the signal, leveraging the sign of other Apple customers in the location and registering the site the place your AirTag pinged an individual else’s Apple system. The area data is shared with you as your dog’s previous known locale. This can get problematic when striving to find your pet, which can transfer of its individual accord, contrary to your keys.

How do trackers come across your dropped pet?

Fi presents a misplaced pet dog manner that raises the tracker’s refresh amount to each moment. This will allow you to keep track of the way your pet dog has appear from and demonstrates you just exactly where they are as a issue on a map. If you require to drive (because, let us say, your puppy is managing entire pace just after a deer), you can locate him just like you would your location on Google Maps. Very well, other than for the actuality that the vacation spot is probably a moving target when it is your pet.

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Apple hasn’t explained what the radius is on the AirTag, but it is believed to be about 800 toes if it’s primarily based on Bluetooth 5., like the newest iPhones are. In phrases of coverage, that does not slim down the region far too very well when you might be exploring for your dog.

Apple also gives you an arrow that moves on your monitor pointing to the last regarded site of your doggy. A panicking dog in a significantly less populated space could theoretically get shed and maintain transferring more rapidly than you could maintain up.

In comparison, since Fi makes use of the AT&T Sign, you can keep track of them from Texas to Minnesota — just so very long as there’s a sign and the tracker’s battery is alive.

What do the trackers glimpse like?

None of us wants their pet searching foolish in the pet park. The AirTag is a small silver disc — about the measurement of a quarter and weighing 11 grams — with a white shiny back again. Apple (being Apple) doesn’t present a collar. You can go for a bespoke collar or something as easy as a silicon “brace,” which fixes to a collar, to attach the tracker to. There is also the keyring option that can also keep the rest of your dog’s tags.

Fi delivers a series of harnesses and collars that get the job done with their tracker (which weighs 39 grams) and its distinct clips. They offer you a seriously vast range of accessories and materials. 3rd-get together vendors also sell modest pouches developed to hold the Fi product that can attach to pre-existing collars and harnesses.

How’s the battery everyday living?

The Apple AirTags last a lot longer, without having a question — up to a year. It is also the simpler battery, replaceable with a common shop-purchased battery to last you one more 12 months.

With the Fi Collection 2, the battery is rechargeable. It lasted us about 4 months on common right before needing to be reconnected to the base for a demand. All the charging gear does come with it, which is good.

How robust are they?

My puppies have presented their Fi collars a genuine training by remaining their adventurous selves, and the Fi system is nonetheless kicking. Would the Apple AirTag be rather as strong? It’s previously gotten very scratched up, but it nonetheless functions so far.

Are they water resistant?

Got a doggy who likes a swim? Then you’re going to have to search at how deep they go, since the Apple AirTag is h2o resistant to 3 feet and the Fi module is water resistant to 6 toes. (Fi IP68 vs. Apple IP67, if you want to get technical).

How much do they cost?

There’s no serious argument below. The Fi Tracker charges extra at $129 and necessitates a membership to get the most out of it. The yearly subscription for each machine is $99, and there is no multi-pet dog discounted.

The Apple AirTag is so very simple and functional at the value of $30 that if a tracker is all you want in a populated space, this might very well be the most effective preference.

Can a different man or woman use them?

Received a lot more than 1 dependable grownup in your residence? Have a doggy walker? You can all observe your canine and its development in the Fi application.

For Apple, only just one human being can entry the data and monitor or identify your canine, except you give a person accessibility to your iCloud log-in details and entry to “Obtain My” with your qualifications on their phone. If not, if you are out of city or you are at do the job and your canine walker just can’t obtain your canine, you are again without having a tracker, effectively. With Fi, exactly where it’s map-centered, even if you have not supplied entry to an individual and aren’t present, you can direct somebody else to where your pet dog is so long as your the Fi module is adequately charged and attached and you have the skill to talk with your dogs’ care-giver.

What else can they do?

Only a person of these products has more capacities and other functions, and that is the Fi Sequence 2 Collar, which also presents an exercise tracker, geofencing, and a sleep keep an eye on.

Exercise tracker

The Fi exercise tracker will allow you to set every day action ambitions for your puppy and see how much they’ve walked. You also get an hour-by-hour breakdown of the quantity of actions your pet has taken you can go back again by way of their record to see if there’s just about anything amiss or awry. I like facts when I can get it, and this can give you insights into unexpected dips in overall health, or alert you if your woof is finding way too a lot training and not enough of possibly mental stimulation or snooze!

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Credit history: screengrab: fi series 2

Snooze Monitor

If I’m straightforward, this is the characteristic I would like absolutely everyone experienced. Puppies are crepuscular by nature, which means they’re most active at dawn and dusk. A whole-grown dog really should be receiving 14 to 16 hours of sleep for each day (more than you assumed, huh?).

This tracker can quite immediately notify you not only how much slumber your pup is obtaining but also whether or not they are possessing interruptions in their snooze. This can be a phenomenal insight into behavioral challenges, which frequently arise due to an imbalance in your dogs’ lifestyle.


You can established a number of protected places the place your pet is permitted to be. When the refresh fee of the Fi collection 2 module triggers outdoors of that zone, you instantaneously get an warn to your mobile phone telling you your canine is out. This is the element that offers me the most peace of mind.

Which tracker need to I get?

This wholly depends on exactly where you stay and what you like to do with your pet dog.

If you have acquired a city mouse kind of family the place you walk on fast paced streets or recurrent town parks, you’re likely likely to be A-Ok with an AirTag. They are affordable, they acquire very little tending to, and they can be a fantastic backup.

But if you’re likely to be hiking, or you reside someplace far more distant (my state mouse good friends!) you want something that has far better monitoring abilities. If your canine is shy or not eager on individuals, you want some thing that doesn’t rely on the existence of other individuals.

And, if you want extra operation to preserve observe of your dogs’ overall health, exercise, rest and to get insights into habits? Then you, my good friend, have to have Fi.

Ali Smith is a beneficial dog qualified aiding new puppy parents get issues ideal, ideal from the get started.