Why Are These Birds So Important in the Hudson Valley?

Why Are These Birds So Important in the Hudson Valley?

Many people don’t understand the importance of them.

I’m a HUGE summer fan and I try to be outside as much as humanly possible. Lately, I’ve been lucky to have been introduced into kayaking and it super relaxing and very enjoyable. I’ve been able to see some awesome views of nature and wildlife during my trips. The other day I was out on the water and I saw a very popular bird and her babies going by and I wanted to know more.


What popular birds can commonly be found in Hudson Valley lakes?



Swans, you will see a lot of swans on lakes around here in the Hudson Valley. I truthfully will admit that I really don’t know a ton about swans. I’ve heard some rumors that they can get nasty so I’ve always kept a pretty healthy distance away from them. However, I was doing some research and found out they do a lot of positive things for the environment.

How are swans helpful to the environment in the Hudson Valley?

According to officials, swans play a pretty huge role in keeping aquatic ecosystems healthy and running well. Swans also help spread seeds and aquatic animal eggs all while supporting the growth of plants and help with the survival of other animal species.

So they really do a lot more.

Are swans aggresive?

So like any animal if they are provoked they can become aggressive. You don’t want to mess with a swan when they are with their babies, that’s like playing with fire. If you are near one and it starts hissing, flapping their wings, swimming aggressively or more you want to get away immediately. Swans can be very powerful, but there aren’t a ton of attacks on humans from them


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Why Are These Birds So Important in the Hudson Valley?

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