How to Earn Millions From Rabbit Farming in Nairobi

How to Earn Millions From Rabbit Farming in Nairobi

In a town exactly where the professional scene is bursting with opportunity, an future contender has emerged, looking for to remodel the market into money-minting organization.

With the unpredictable fluctuations in the economy, agri-business is the new goldmine for city dwellers as quite a few Kenyans are often still left with no a safety net to flip to and are now using on the apply to cushion them from the difficult economical instances.

Rabbit farming in specific is amongst a single of the most beneficial agri-firms in Kenya, gaining rapid popularity due to the fact of its less-demanding requirements and significant monetary returns.

A rabbit feeding on pellets



Rabbit Breeds

According to research performed by the Kenya Agricultural Research Institute(KARI), the most well-liked rabbit breeds reared are Californian, Chinchilla, New Zealand white, and Flemish Giant.

Among the the breeds, the gray-brown Chinchilla is most desired for its large experienced weight. New Zealand and Californian are common for their fur and meat.

Rabbits are amid the quickest maturing domestic animals and this could prove useful to city dwellers, owing to the large turnover of the profits in the rabbit-rearing small business.

The animals have a short gestation period of less than one particular thirty day period averaging among 28 to 31 days and a doe can give birth to two to eight bunnies at a go. Their maturity time period is also rather brief, which takes only four to 5 months, with the animals reproducing pretty much 8 periods each year.

Feeding Rabbits

Rabbit feeds are also rather cost-effective, as they consume only 25 grams of pellets in a day, which interprets to 2.25 kilograms in 90 days. On regular a 2-kilogram bag of pellets costs among Ksh90 and Ksh150. Rabbits also take in natural and organic squander, most preferably leafy greens which is really nutritional as their food stuff conversion fee is significant.

The docile animals demand very low routine maintenance, and a person can use the cage process for housing, which will save up on room, generating it quick for individuals in city areas to rear them in compact parcels of land.

The coneys do not demand a lot labour for feeding, and just one can quickly include spouse and children labour as it is a enjoyment and partaking action.

Rabbit Earnings

A farmer searching to undertaking into commercial rabbit farming could rear them for sale, as a mature rabbit that weighs up to 4 kilograms, which could cost Kshs2,000. From this, a array of rewards existing by themselves to these farmers in phrases of meat, skin, and urine.

Rabbit meat, which is a form of white meat, is high in protein (20.8 p.c protein) supplying it a commercial edge around other forms of meat this kind of as beef and mutton. Just one kilogram of rabbit meat costs concerning Ksh700 and Kshs1,000. 

A tonne of rabbit skin costs Kshs200,000, which cobblers order to make footwear and bags that go for Kshs 2,000 a pair, or for every bag.

Beneficial Squander

Rabbit urine has come to be progressively common as it is a pure pesticide and a fertilizer, and farmers are earning a killing from marketing the treasured commodity, with one particular litre heading for Kshs100.

In simple fact, Charles Owiti ,a farmer in Kenya has found worth in the trade of rabbit squander and is now earning a dwelling from it, making about Kshs60,000 a month on the venture alone.

Rabbit farmers are for this reason contacting on the authorities, to help them in advertising and marketing their products in the creation of a lot more slaughterhouses, reduction of taxation on meat goods and enabling exportation of rabbit fur.

Rabbit farming has given that grow to be a veritable goldmine, which is attracting hundreds of thousands of farmers guaranteeing them staggering amounts of income without having breaking a sweat.

Charles Owiti

Some of the rabbits that Charles Owiti rears.:CGTN